About Accural


My name is Dr Richard Jones, and I am the founder of Accural.

I began my career in small accounting practices in Liverpool 25 years ago. After five years, I moved into a large family business called Rösler UK. As a result, I had fantastic exposure and experience right from the beginning..

Accural’s vision is to help SMEs and Boards develop and execute successful strategies. With this in mind, I wanted to tell you about the different types of SME projects that have delivered value to many businesses.

Not only have several projects involved raising funds for start-ups but also established businesses. In essence, we help companies achieve £mm growth, exits and turnaround. All things considered, the companies we work with enjoy increased focus and certainty. These aspects translate into cash and improved profitability.

Traditional Accounting

Since the early days of my career, I have never been a ‘typical’ accountant. For one thing, I have always been a technologist and moderniser. For the last seven years, I have used Power BI to deliver insights and live dashboards. Chiefly, my method is looking around the corners of the business and industry to achieve success.

My finance teams operate on a no-surprise quick close basis. In addition, we develop finance teams that provide more for less. We raise £mm of funding and successfully guide SMEs through the entire process, from slide deck writing to due diligence

Innovation and Leadership

Accural’s reach goes far beyond traditional Finance Director roles, touching the whole of a business. We work wherever support is needed to increase profits, cash and customer value. For this reason, our projects include sales incentivisation systems to maximise sales output. HR and L&D solutions such as CPD systems and induction protocols to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Accural developed a SaaS benchmark system to highlight strengths and weaknesses and to direct resources and priorities. Implementing the results of this analysis will increase profitability, cash flow and ultimately, market value.

We developed a Geo-Sociodemographic Profiling tool (B2C) to maximise marketing spend ROI.

Accural has also developed a risk analysis methodology and finance department audit system to ensure that Boards are informed and poised to act.


To summarise, Accural can provide first-class finance leadership. Not only in a traditional sense, but in a modernising way. Wherever there is complexity, there is an opportunity for Accural to deliver success for your SME.

Some of our Numbers

Below is a selection of some key numbers. They show a snapshot of success achieved with many businesses.

1 M
Funding Raised
Successful Exits
16 M
Cash and Profit Optimisation

Family Business Doctorate

Richard completed his Doctorate in Family Business (Succession Planning) in 2019. The thesis looked at how a successful intra-family CEO succession was best achieved (profit, satisfaction and the succession itself).

The thesis provided new insights into successions, and we will be providing more information soon.

Combining Academic and Commercial Leadership

We love distilling the complex into simple insights. Combining academic leadership, commercial leadership and technical accounting to provide simple ways for your SME to succeed.